A world where anything is possible,

where the internet is the protagonist

Where a group of companies meet and create a unique service for textile entrepreneurs.
Where professionals of the sector open their doors to new players of the textile sector.
Where we break all schemes and trade margins.
For offer to you, who are reading this, the best service for companies selling textile products to the final consumer that you can find today throughout Spain.

Where you need little to start


  • Photography of the garments for your website
  • Professional models
  • Professional photographer and camera

€ 99 + VAT


  • Quality Products
  • Made in Spain
  • With manufacturer prices

We make them here!

Corporate identity

  • An image that communicates
  • Ads on social networks (€ 149 + VAT)
  • Collaboration with influencers

And also FREE consultancies *

Where we have experience


Sale of sweatshirts and creative prints from a new clothing brand.


Printing, sublimation and vertical textile production company.


Sale of sports creams, masks and sanitary products.

And we don't leave you alone.

By hiring any web page you will have maintenance from the beginning to the end of the project, once it is finished the website will be your property.
We understand that you are not
an advanced web user (maybe yes), so we offer you the possibility of get maintenance so that you outsource the online work of your company or project.

This maintenance begins with a monthly cost of € 130 + VAT, includes the hosting (where your website is physically hosted) and the domain.
In addition, this maintenance varies according to the needs of each client.

We can upload your products, keep your website functional, make monthly advertising or even photography of products and new developments!

* Nobody forces you to pay for web maintenance but it is totally advisable that you have a person who understands web pages on your team to ensure the proper functioning of your page.

We give you a minimum discount of € 40 on your textile production

Hire a website with Estamtex designers and save € 0.25 per unit on your vertical production.
(Promotion savings calculated for 150 units)


Receive more information.

Free consultancies will be a maximum of 1 hour a week from Monday to Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. by appointment.
The online stores are not managed and have a minimum cost of hosting and domain of € 15 per month.
The maintenance of your store and product upload is not included and has a cost of from € 115 + VAT per month.