JHK, Import Garments

Estamtex collaborates with JHK to bring you unique solutions.

Work with JHK and Estamtex it’s like having a Swiss Army knife.
Work with JHK. the collaborating partner of Estamtex with garments already made and ready to print or vinyl at an exclusive price for working with us.
Import garments to personalize in Estamtex.
Browse among our suppliers distributed by theme to find the garments that best suit your textile brand. Start producing with the lowest lows on the market!

Right now, you can only view a catalog in pdf, but this section in the future will be a JHK mini store through which you can navigate and see all the brand’s products.
No need to physically attend our company!

Come with an idea, we will design it for you.

We make your ideas come true

JHK offers you the possibility of obtaining high quality products ready to produce.

Estamtex offers you the possibility of designing your clothes with their designers.

JHK Official Catalog

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A sublimation service with quality guarantees endorsed by a leading company in the sector in in operation since 1976.

Do not worry a single second more in your production process, join our service of vertical production

Never before has it been so easy to work with a textile graphic designer
What would life be like if we didn’t have the courage to try new things?