Want to adapt together?

Produce your masks with Funmask and Estamtex

We have adapted to change, we continue to fight to get ahead, despite the misfortunes we have faced this situation and we have certified fabrics for your most exquisite productions of fashion masks.

That is why we want to offer you in this section of our website the service of vertical mask production, in collaboration with funmask.es, with whom we work in the graphic design department.

Send us an idea, we put it in our magician hat, and boilá, your mask will be made from 0 to 100.

All you need is imagination, an idea and a minimum of production.

Contact us now.

Official designers of funmask.es

Do you have your production already organized?
If you need it, wee can offer you only the exclusive service of the sublimation and you can even include more service as fabric design of your face masks, you can contact us to start exploring our fabric catalog(showroom) and take advantage of our facilities to produce officially certified fashion masks.

We are the official designers of funmask, a guarantee brand in the Spanish market of fashion masks with a protection certificate.

We have a graphic design department ready to go for your brand!