Textile sublimation in Mataro

Textile sublimation, without limits, full-cloth printing.

Print your fashion graphics, on plotters and calenders.
Sublimation is the favorite technique of women polyester and sports garments.
But it doesn’t end there, You would be surprised to know what can be sublimated …
We offer sublimation services! of infinite products!
From socks to whole dresses, textile sublimation in
ready-made garment or repeatable pattern.
Maximum customization of the garment, with different effects with
special foil papers prepared for your brand.
Everything you can imagine and more.

And so we have been since 1968

The solution to your small polyester productions.

Sublimación textil

A technique that has a lot to teach you.

If you are starting in the textile world this interests you, because you have a lot to gain from this service.

Sublimation it is a good solution for small productions, but not for that reason the polluting solution.

We offer several alternatives to traditional polyester fabrics,
but recycled, with the same quality, and from nearby businesses.
All this without leaving our own factory.

Supports local commerce, without minimum production

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Never before has it been so easy to work with a textile graphic designer
What would life be like if we didn’t have the courage to try new things?

Do not worry a single second more in your production process, join our service of vertical production

Octopus screen printing service for your higher quality productions with the colors and techniques in trend in 2020.

Professional Wholesale Textile Sublimation

Join a team of professional sublimators who already work with the best brands in the sector.
We combine all the services we have in a single solution for your garments.
It begins to produce with professionals, with the lowest minimums in the market.

Textile sublimation without minimums or limits

We are a textile sublimation company in Mataró that offers unique sublimation services, without limits or minimums, get in touch.
Production minima may vary according to availability.
Please get in touch before hiring any textile sublimation service.
Remember that textile sublimation can only be done on polyester fabrics, never on natural fibers.

Did you know that printing the designs that you have always and at all times been dreaming now isn’t it a fantasy? You can do it real in Estamtex, your trusted company in textile sublimation.

Sublimation on T-shirts is one of the services and it can be done in multiple ways with us, but above all you must take two things into consideration.

  • T-shirts cannot be sublimated black, because we do not have white inks and they do not exist in fact.
  • T-shirts that are cotton-based cannot be sublimated, (or any natural fiber) if you wanted to print the designs on a cotton base you could go to conventional stamping or vertical production to use vinyls.
  • We have distributors who can provide polyester-based fabrics with a percentage of cotton To sublimate your shirts, you can contact us for more information.
What’s more to sublimate the shirt already made, We will have to use a transfer, and also go one by one, with what the production time of your sublimated shirt could increase.